ART to heal, reconcile and dialogue again – Call for papers

women in red

“Freedom of expression is red”, Elisa Nunes, Chinese Ink on red paper


The recent attacks to hundreds of civilians in many places worldwide and the Syrian and Iraqi under sieged cities only strengthen our conviction that we need to develop alternative solutions to foster peace. We are more than ever convinced of the role that art and culture can play to improve mutual comprehension and counterbalance violence and obscurantism. This is our way to resist and preserve our freedom.

We want you to join this resistant act. “from.sham.with love” launches a special call for papers in search of dialogue and sharing between different cultures and experiences. We want to hear, see or read what do you think and feel. The challenge is to think out of the box about the world around us. We propose you to contribute to what is most important and dear to us, lay the foundations of the virtual space we are building with from.sham.with love.

Do you have a different idea, analysis, story or discover you want to share? Did you take a photo, make a video, did you dance, sing, draw, paint, join art therapy session, did collages, ceramics, graffiti, cartoons? You like creating macros, memos and messages to share with friends? Send us your contribution! The motto is how ART can heal, reconcile and help to dialogue again. Think about this call for papers as a blank page, a space to innovate and be creative.

To address your submission, please email the editors:
Deadline for submission: 29 February 2016
Maximum length: 2,500 words

We are accepting works in English, French and Arabic to be published in March on FSWL website and social networks. As our proposal here is to build bridges and share diverse perspectives about the world, we reserve us the right not to publish any offensive or calumnious contributions. Please note that FSWL does not provide any kind of remuneration for the articles, given the fact that the project is completely run and managed on voluntary basis.


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